Qumbya Housing Cooperative


Welcome to Qumbya Housing Cooperative. We are an affordable, community-oriented, group-equity housing cooperative in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.  Qumbya currently comprises about 50 members in three Houses: Bowers, Concord, & Haymarket. We have been building democratic community since 1988.

Each House provides private bedrooms, community kitchen, dining, living, and bathrooms. Dinner (or brunch) is prepared by the members seven days a week, and the kitchen’s are always fully stocked. All decisions about the operations of the House, from what appliances to buy to which new members to admit, are made by the residents at weekly House Meetings through a consensus-based process. Each house has wireless internet, garden space, curious histories, work/tool rooms, and lots of friendly folks.

If you are interested in living with us, you can learn more about the three different Houses on this site, and then follow this link to start the application process.

If you are interested in organizing a new co-op house, we would love to be of assistance. You can reach our staff person at: qumbya.staff@gmail.com


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